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2016-11-17: Scnlog v2
Welcome to the Feedback page which serves the same purpose as it did in the old Scnlog and it’s the best way to “talk” to the admin. You can make your suggestions, complaints or requests here, preferably in a polite manner. If you are making a request for a scene release make sure it’s not too old. Don’t ask for re-uploads of stuff that was taken down to DMCA complaints.

Since we are in the beginning, there are probably some errors I didn’t notice. I’m mainly interested in releases that are in the wrong categories. If you spot one, please let me know.

2017-11-08: What happened?
Our previous domains and were suspended by the .eu registry and they no longer work nor I have access to them. Please update your bookmarks to the new domain Following this incident a Twitter account was set up so that you can be informed in case something like this happens again. Also the comments on this page were reset.


  • akis73 says:

    Please fix the situation with Mirrorace, it’s unbearable with all these popups. Thanks.

  • foqq-MirrorAce says:


    I’m glad for you.

    but you should know that most people don’t use IE, I mean we all
    probably have different setups.

    I don’t mind ads but there are better ways to implement them.
    Sites that go go out of their way to make users jump through hoops
    and to flood them with pop-ups shoud be avoided and boycotted.

  • wizotoo says:

    @foqq-MirrorAce I understand too much ads is too much

  • foqq-MirrorAce says:

    No. It’s not the “too much ads” that is the issue here, it’s the work
    and like I said jump through hoops just to get one stinking link.
    People download tens if not hundreds of files every day, so just
    imagine the frigging work. I rather go back to torrenting if I have to
    spend so much time on a single link.

  • Chris says:

    MIXdrop is not a good solution IMO!

  • Eder says:

    Mixdrop is crap! Very low/instable download speed

  • Eder says:

    … and no resume support =(

  • anothergratefuluser says:

    I’m using JDownloader for those Mirrorace links.
    Just copy the Mirrorace url to clipboard, JD-linkgrabber processes them. No popups and most of the time not even a captcha.
    Wouldn’t that be a solution for you guys?

  • Ryan says:

    For me mixdrop is very good, but me interest only music section.File has low weight, slowly speed do not mind for me.So i’m not objective in this subject

  • grateful_user says:

    I think UBlockOrigin and ABP updated their databases because I turned them on again and MirrorAce opened without “Disable Adblock” page.
    Force update your addons and check Mirrorace again by turning on your adblocks.
    Also, if you are using UBlock Origin, add ‘Adblock Warning Removal List’ filters to your filters.

    Mixdrop is just a suggestion.
    In my case, it is fast and works very well, but the decision is @scnlog ‘s.

  • foqq-MirrorAce says:


    Thanks for the info. I actually refreshed the lists yesterday and noticed
    some small difference in pop-up activity, and today it’s better.

    I still don’t like sites that does this kind of BS. I mean they do this for a
    short period of time and then they just disappear or die off.

    Let’s see how long it will last this time, anyway, thanks again.

  • LYT says:

    There are several files deleted in WORKUPLOAD less than one hour.

    For example

    Please check the problem.

  • dont-like-but-i-can-learn-to-live-with-MirrorAce says:


    I don’t think it’s a problem for scnlog’s to fix. My 2 cents says
    i’ts a MirrorAce problem. for example, I’ve encountered several times
    where a host only gave me a 2 MB file and another host gave me the
    correct size that was over 1 GB. So in your case I just think that some
    of the hosts used by MirrorAce are garbage and you should probably
    pick some of the others. (but always check the size first).

  • dont-like-but-i-can-learn-to-live-with-MirrorAce says:


    …Also Premium.Bowling.PROPER-TiNYiSO is nuked for invalid proper.
    PLAZA released a Crackfix and a READNFO explaining the issue.

  • Little Helper says:

    Hello! Please check the music section and upload the missed music releases.

  • dont-like-but-i-can-learn-to-live-with-MirrorAce says:

    MIXdrop converts the original mkv to mp4… me do not like ๐Ÿ™
    I hate to say it but MirrorAce had more alternatives.

  • YoKo YoKo says:

    Yea.. mixdrop is a disaster.. mirrorace was way better, at least because of Uptobox ๐Ÿ™
    There is alternatives like MultiUp or Jheberg also..

  • random username says:

    Downloading from mixdrop does not even work with the browser or JD. Please at least change it back to mirrorace.

  • LYT says:


    Please let mirrorace be back.
    Please add uploadbyte DL links
    It is fast and seems to be ad-free.


  • LYT says:


    Mixdrop rejects any user using vpn,
    so if anyone whose internet provider blocking mixdrop, he(or she) can’t download the file(s).


  • mixdropcrap says:

    mixdrop is crap, recompress not the quality group release but much lower!!!

  • plusone says:


    Please let mirrorace be back.


  • Sorry :( says:

    mirrorace was a milliontimes better than mixdrop ๐Ÿ™

  • nomixdrop says:

    mixdrop fuckin turns 5.1 audio into 2.0 and turns video into crap quality!

  • yo says:

    mixdrop is crap my man
    your site is worthless again, congrats

  • wizotoo says:

    @yo the site is the greatest mr scnlog always fixes things and looks after us where are you going to find a better site

  • wizotoo says:

    for those complaining about mirrorace popups I just tried in in firefox all you have to do is turn adblock off and go into the freaking firefox options -> content -> block popup windows and check the check box and theres not a popup in the world to be seen so easy

  • wizotoo says:

    exactly the same as with internet explorer

  • Kakophonix says:

    Didnt knew there is a problem with popups. I use uBlock Origin which prevents from popups on Firefox.

  • YoKo YoKo says:

    Not to say there is JS.ADWARE.AGENT trojan available on mixdrop site detected by NOD-Antivirus, so be warned..

  • stompen says:


    I have problem with : “Expeditionen.S01E04.SWEDiSH.720p.WEB.X264-EXECUTION”

    It say – Size: 641.25 MB.
    But when i downloaded it.
    Its only – 389.99 MB

    Anyone who can help me with these?

    Best Regards / stompen

  • dont-like-but-i-can-learn-to-live-with-MirrorAce says:

    Like was said before (4 days ago) the pop-ups at MirrorAce have stopped
    because the filter lists needed to be updated and refreshed. So the pop up
    problem is gone for now, well I mean until next time when the MirrorAce
    site changes something.

    I’ts because MIXdrop converts/recompress the original file and you get
    mutch shittier quality. I advise you to download via the slower nitroflare
    option for now.

    …And to those critical to scnlog must remember that any host problem
    isn’t their fault. We just lost openload and scnlog is now probably testing
    different alternatives to see what’s good or not.

  • mixdrop_sucks says:

    PLEASE change mixdrop as a hosting, if not mirrorace provided some good hoster, I stream stuff using mpv and worked great whit some hosters on mirrorace, but now mixdrop is slow and it’s buffering in mpv so much.

  • grateful_user says: stopped supporting JD. whatever you do, it does not work.
    JD is updated and all. it does not work. it was working last week.

    what kind of shitty deal is this?
    scnlog switches to mirrorace, it becomes unusable.
    scnlog switches to mixdrop, it stops supporting JD.

    what is the deal here? or is there a deal here?

    i have always dismissed the possibility that scnlog having anything to do with file sharing sites choices, but this is becoming a pattern.
    mixdrop was supporting JD until recently. i have used it in the past and it was working.

    if we are supposed to deal with shitty deals all the time, the shitty deal we know and learn to live with is better than the alternative.
    if this is the new shitty deal, i take back my suggestion. you can kindly go back to the previous shitty deal.

  • grateful_user says:

    @ dont-like-but-i-can-learn-to-live-with-MirrorAce

    I don’t mind re-encoded posts, but I don’t support that they are the only option.
    If some would like bigger file size, they should have an easily usable alternative option.

    I suggested mixdrop as a re-encoded OPTION, not as the only option.

    I am kind of baffled anyway. Why should it only be mixdrop or mirrorace.
    Is it necessary to drop Mirrorace completely ro use Mixdrop? Why would you not add mixdrop into the bundle like a normal alternative?

    Sorry dude, I may be venting and ranting a bit. I had a rough day and this come as the last drop and I am upset by the whole thing.
    I apologize if I sound ungrateful.

  • YoKo YoKo says: or mirrorace currently the best options..with adblocker!

  • grateful_user says:

    hey mate, I think there might be a problem with the TUTORIALS section.
    there isn’t even a mixdrop option. just Nitro and Turbo.
    TUTORIALS have GBs of files and no decent option makes it reaaaaally problematic to download before they all go dead.

    can you have a look?

  • Zumina says:

    I think mirrorace with 1fichier/uptobox/sendit/letsupload will be better ๐Ÿ™‚

  • house4ever says:

    Can be today dL group releases reuploaded to

  • says:

    Someone complained yesterday about music and other releases not being posted. That’s because there was a problem uploading to Mirrorace. I replaced it with Mixdrop for the mean time but turns they’re quite unreliable, both when uploading and downloading. I enabled MirrorAce again but be aware releases may get stuck anytime again.

  • thank you sir says:

    thank you wor bringin back MirrorAce!!!!!!!!

  • dont-like-but-i-can-learn-to-live-with-MirrorAce says:


    There are a bunch of sites that offer converted/re-encoded files if you
    or anyone is looking for smaller sizes. This is (scnlog) a scene
    redistributing site, at least that’s how I see it. Alternatives are fine but
    in my humble opinion these non-scene files should have their own
    section or clearly marked to show what they are.

    I agree, bring back MirrorAce if no one else is worthy.

  • rappunzel says:

    I cant say a word about teh site.

    Thanks admin

  • dont-like-but-i-can-learn-to-live-with-MirrorAce says:

    Oh, didn’t see your post.
    Anyway, thanks for your hard work. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • grateful_user says:

    Yep, thank you so much for your efforts.

    I had suggested mixdrop because it looked OK on my end, but -as usual- could not assess their capabilities from your end.
    I guess they are not as promising as they seem to be.

    I do apologize for my somewhat aggressive comments.
    Keep up the good work!

  • wizotoo says:

    what scripts and filters im sure I said “disable” adblockers for mirrorace and just use the setting in firefox options to block popups and there is never a popup to be seen well it works for me not sure why it wouldn’t work for others

  • wizotoo says:

    maybe the adblock scripts are taking over the popup blocking for the site when they are not disabled for the site where the default block popups setting in firefox options works ok on its own

  • wizotoo says:

    taking over the popup blocking function

  • ok says:

    Why change mirrorace to mixdrop? Its only one link and much slower.

    Openload was better as well, but now its gone please stick to mirrorace.

    Mirrorace is 10 times better than mixdrop.

    Please change it back. Thank you!

  • dont-like-but-i-can-learn-to-live-with-MirrorAce says:


    Please listen or read back some of the previous comments.
    Like I told you before we all probably have different setups and what works
    for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another.

    You keep saying turn on the option block popup in firefox, Yes, this option
    has been on since the beginning of time, on every browser I’ve ever used.
    And when this problem started the various adblocking add-ons were
    temporarily turned off as well.

    Nothing worked until the lists were updated and refreshed, and I think
    many others had a similar experience. You yourself weren’t affected
    because you perhaps have other add-ons or no add-ons… or maybe you
    just were lucky, who knows. In any case, I am willing to turn off the adblock
    for a brief period of time but I’m not gonna uninstall it just because one
    site gets the diarrhea.

    And to anyone who’s misreading what I just said, then NO, there is no
    pop-up problem at the moment.

  • Eder says:

    MP3 releases section stuck again

  • ok says:

    Yep. That sucks. Hope they fix it so it will update.

  • SCENE iS GREAT says:

    Why wouldn’t MEGA be an option?

  • grateful_user says:

    Please add Mirrorace links for these two recent posts:



  • dont-like-but-i-can-learn-to-live-with-MirrorAce says:

    I’m not sure but I think MEGA has a daily download limit.
    So if you want one file then sure but if you have 74 files in
    your queue then… you know, 73 days waiting.

  • wizotoo says:

    what happened to letsupload the best free and fast mirrorace host

  • dont-like-but-i-can-learn-to-live-with-MirrorAce says:

    I think they have/had some server issues some while back because I got
    some error message, though I think it’s back to relative normal speeds now.

  • wizotoo says:

    @dont-like-but-i-can-learn-to-live-with-MirrorAce thanks for the heads up

  • faILIX says:

    Stopped taking releases with scnlog and you are advised to wait and can take without problems here rarbgmirror.
    Download from this shit mirrorace I see no point – blocked in Russia if you go through Tor and remain unprotected and download on 200 kb/s.

  • wizotoo says:

    @faILIX rarbg does not have all scene releases like with apps and music

  • Hot Sauce says:

    Please brothers, re up this:



  • dario says:

    Please upload;

    Nicky Starr – Bitter Sweet Symphony-(LNGS2581)-WEB-2019-ZzZz

  • Dina says:


    Revolva – Cool Kidz-WEB-2014-ZzZz
    Project Black-Freaks-WEB-2014-ZzZz
    House Freakz – Cheerleader- LNGS1545-WEB-2015-PITY

  • wizotoo says:

    I downloaded a 3 part tutorial from mirrorace host and although it was nice and fast maxing out my slow internet speed it renamen the extensions from .rar to .mp4 it was easy to rename them to .rar and the crc checked ok but its a bit strange

  • Marco89 says:



    Post Helvetica s01e03 and s01e04

  • stompen says:



    Best Regards / stompen

  • dik says:

    Last time I ‘m here I take releases from this shit mirrorace

  • Ryan says:

    Many, many, many relesaes is missing in music section, not connection with JD, but mirrorshit is better place for us…I hope copyright owner’s will chose end this hosting very soon

  • wizotoo says:

    @Ryan nothing is missing in the music flac section

  • wizotoo says:

    the games section on srrdb is not updating fast or properly anymore for a long time now but the flac section is fast and precise I imagine the mp3 section might be too but I don’t check mp3s

  • wizotoo says:

    you can download missing nfo and sfv files for every release from srrdb too just click on the nfo or sfv

  • Ryan says:

    Wizotoo – Example, many other AFO releases is missing…Alan Morris-Goodbye Forever-(FSOE415A)-WEB-2019-AFO

  • Ryan says:


  • scn fan says:

    hey sysop, could you add sendit or mixdrop to mp3 section – mirrorace is a real sh..t if download many files daily (recaptcha, ip blocking etc, cloudflare)? speeds are fine on sendit/mixdrop and ease to download from them

  • ok says:

    i think mixdrop is crap compared to mirrorace. no need to change if u ask me.

  • rappunzel says:

    @Ryan sysop does not owe you anything. Why are you posting missing releases?

  • Marco Camargo says:


    Please, could you repost Rampensau s01e01 and Rampensau s01e02 for the Mirrorace servers? They are better and much faster

    I thank the attention

  • Marco Camargo says:


    Please, post Helvetica s01e03 and s01e04.

    These episodes are missing.

  • Little Helper says:

    Hello! Today the site is slow. When you open many tabs, most do not load, a white screen and the inscription:

    Bad gateway

    Can you fix it? it takes a very long time to have to refresh the tabs several times.

  • jerry says:


    Revolva – Cool Kids-WEB-2014-ZzZz
    Dancecore Deejay – Jump-(LNGS 1340)-WEB-2014-DWM
    Dancecore Deejay – Work-WEB-2016-WUS
    Ricki Flight – Flight Song-(LUKY8S5031)-WEB-2015-UKHx

  • Little Helper says:


    Little Helper says:
    Monday, 25th November 2019 at 09:24



  • Daneee says:

    Hello guys

    I’m wondering why you stopped using TURbobit??
    it was great with my premium account ,
    now i don’t know what to do ?! ๐Ÿ™ i just boughta 6months account for your website.

    Can you please reuploaded with Turbobit please??

    thank you very much


  • fean says: stop earning from mere mortals on mirrorace! itโ€™s not possible to download shit from this! crush on it –

  • thanks says:


    I’ve got no problems with mirrorace. Many of the featured file sites give great speeds (,, etc).

    Sure, there’s popups, but so what, I just close them.

  • says:

    @Daneee I haven’t stop using Turbobit. They have some restrictions in place in which they limit the daily logins from different IP address. So from time to time my account gets locked because it’s accessed from multiple servers. I’m considering replacing them with another host.

    @fean that looks interesting, I’ll take a look.

  • Dutchie says:

    If you don’t want to have popups at mirrorace just use uBlock Origin on Firefox. No popups anymore. Works like a charm.

  • Little_Helper says:

    Hello! Please check the music section. Releases are not updated.

  • nick says:


    Just In – Sorry-LNGS1764-WEB-2016-ZzZz
    System Crash – Lean On Me-LNGS 1591-WEB-2015-ZzZz

    Please upload.Thanks

  • another_grateful_user says:


    it would be very cool if you could upload the following missing EBOOK-Releases, which were pred yesterday:


    Thanks a lot ๐Ÿ™‚

  • stompen says:

    Please, can anybody help.


    Best Regards / stompen

  • zaer says:

    its me or my adblock who mess up with scenelog? for example i clik on trance release : when i want clik on a release : often page open but not open liek it was blocked and if itry open of new “onglet” “tab” soemtimesi t work other tiem he go to same page of research

    its my adblock ? ty in advancei use firefox ( i got a update of firefox sicne it it bug a lot whixch browser i must use? ty in advance

  • Little Helper says:

    Hello! Currently, the site is very slow, pages are updated in a minute or more. Can you solve this problem?
    Is it possible to make a pause button in real time? So that users can use “load more”
    Can you add another 50-70 releases per page? Ideally, it would be nice to have 100 releases displayed.

  • ใ‚ผใƒณใ‚ฌ says:






    please only scene releases! thank you in advance!

  • YoKo YoKo says:

    Thank you for the Mirrorace and for Uptobox. Great site, i love it now even more!

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